Apacer oc Panther 16GB RGB DDR4 2666MHZ Desktop RAM

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  • Price : TK.7300
  • Brand : Apacer
  • Model : Apacer oc Panther 16GB
  • Warrantty : Lifetime (Official)
  • Product Code : TLB-796
  • Status :


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Specificaions :

Physical Specification
Capacity 16GB
Frequency 3200mhz
Voltage 1.35V
Cas Latency: 16-16-16-36
Intel XMP 2.0 : Yes
PIN: 288-pin.
Warranty Information
Warranty. Lifetime Warranty.

Apacer oc Panther DDR4 16gb price 

Since its last incarnation, PANTHER RAGE DDR4 has evolved from single-light crystal rectifier to splashy RGB. the utilization of extremely clear light-weight makes Panther’s prism-like teeth additional vivid. By implementing Apacer's proprietary light-homogenizing technology, the crystal rectifier light-weight glows equally.

Polished Performance

The golden-mirrored end refracts the sunshine into a riot of colours. This stunning trend ends up in a vivid diversion expertise.

Seamlessly integrates with the most recent ASUS AURA synchronize

By group action with ASUS AURA synchronize, it offers users complete management of the sunshine show. it's multiple lighting patters and completely different devices may be synchronic. Users will effortlessly customise patterns to mirror their personalities.

Double the Performance

Apacer 8GB Ram By implementing the new developed hardware design to reinforce the RGB controller, PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB's leading technology has improved the performance by 2 hundredth.

High clock rate and low latency

PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB offers choices in a pair of400/2666/2800/3000/3200MHz to be used to overclock on Intel® XMP 2.0 while not manual changes on BIOS parameters. offered in 8GB, this memory module may be combined up to a complete of 128GB memory on Intel motherboards to attain mind-blowing performance.

TUF diversion Alliance with ASUS

Apacer 8GB Ram has teamed up with ASUS TUF diversion to style a brand new edition that integrates Apacer’s PANTHER with the solid, sturdy and unseeable force from TUF diversion. It shows the determination to thrive on each field.

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